Go to daily activitiesClick on LocationsDouble click on Time Guardian version 5. Viewed times since Fri, Apr 15, How to enable transfers to departments or jobs with MTX clock with single punch – new Time Guardian series Viewed times since Tue, Jul 26, Where in the UserGuide does it explain how to recycle a used badge from an inactive employee.

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Subscribe to knowledgebase Get notified when new articles are added to the knowledgebase. Please note the error and call us. If you have version 5. Read More How to configure multi transfer to departments or jobs with MTX15 clock with single punch – Time Guardian Pro Viewed times since Tue, Jan 4, The below steps is how to configure multi transfer to departments or jobs with mtx15 clock with single punch.

Go to communication and choose download or bottom right blue box with down green arrow.

NTFS is not compatible. Also, if in fact it is compatible – how would I go about transferring all data from the old PC system running Windows 7 64bit over to the new PC system Windows 8 64bit?

I have an employee that will not de-activate. Viewed times since Fri, Apr 15, Comment By amy – Tue, May 29th, 4: If you click downloading or the blue down arrow for newersoftware versions – this will download employee badge info to the clock.

User Guide for MTX Time Clock

Please call us at I am using TimeGuardian version 5. After adding to time guardian, you will need to do a download. For v5, go to communication, highlight 15, press green box with down arrow.

I am getting an error message that says the following locations does not have terminals Triangle with exclamation point Default Reply: Read More Crash with communication on version 5. For upgrade instructions, please call x2. Subscribe to knowledgebase Get notified when new articles are added to the knowledgebase.

Also, please note you will need your key to open the clock cover to access the Comment By Sharon – Mon, Jun 27th, 4: What can I amaano to get this off my screen. Please confirm items to check with this.

User Guide for MTX-15 Time Clock

Go to communications and perform a download Read More. Please perform a download in communications or call Hello, we are noticing a glitch causing missed punches. Comment By wanda amani Thu, Aug 16th, 3: Be aware this is not guaranteed method and polling from the clock should be the 1st attempt or the use of backups if all data is lost. If you have contrast issues, try erasing your clock to factory default.

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My computer was updated to windows The unit we will need to be shipped for diagnostic to our Ohio facility. My question is; do I order the cards to replace the same number card or do I have to order the to replace all of the employees cards badges?

We are only 15 employee. Go to the DST Hello, Is there a way that my employees can walk up to the MTX and see there total amount of hours for the current week? Departments or jobs must besetup first. Using the memory dump method is the last resort