Unfortunately this is not really the case with the Eee PC N, at least not when it comes to the display. This is a little less than the Nvidia Ion 1 in the Samsung N achieved with Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Unfortunately this interface is only available optionally, and not included with our tested model. This includes the distribution of interfaces , the low emission characteristics, and within limits the mobility including the battery life.

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The keys are designed with a rough matte finish on top which helps increase fingertip traction. A glance at the Nvidia system configuration is to be recommended regularly, since the test showed that the preferred GPU is not always assigned to installed programs.

Compared to any other notebook or netbook and even some cellphones it is smaller and potentially weaker. It looks great and has a good screen for working or watching movies. The lid does not deform significantly under pressure, and the gaps between plastic panels are small.

My only gripe right now is the mouse buttons that are terrible and unusable hopefully it’s just our unit. The asua speakers were lap-firing and sounded very tinny. Ion 2 builds on this achievement, and even provides a dual-core Atom processor to assist the Eee PC N. Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

ASUS Eee PC 1215N Review

All the ports have been moved intep the back as much as possible, and thus prevent possible issues with attached peripheral devices getting in the way. With our minimal settings it was also possible to play Annoafter a noticeably long loading time, with a subjectively smooth 31 FPS.

Hot Hardware We still maintain that Asus should tweak a few design aspects, including the single trackpad bar and the painfully glossy display and somewhat flimsy build materials. Once again, ASUS engineers decided to use a single ee button bar rather than two separate buttons.

Faster storage devices such as hard drives with RPMs, or even SSDs, as indicated by previous tests, can only make inteo use of their speed advantage, since the Atom CPU is not always fast enough to process the data.

Limitations were not apparent. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: A Netbook in this class would be expected to be well adapted to the requirements of a mobile device.

Hopefully one of these days someone at ASUS will read these reviews and stop using touchpad buttons like these. Please share our article, every link counts! Please refer specification pages for full details.

We tested Sims 3 and Anno Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Smart buttons and decent silver colored panels, such as around the touchpad, improve the general appearance.

Indoors this scenario is less likely, but even in these surroundings consideration has to be given to the lighting conditions, clothing, and seating position, since these factors can have a negative impact on the visibility of the display. Ion 2 is now the next development from this train of thought, to also provide Netbooks with good graphics performance. Other access is not available.

Please, switch off ad blockers. Hardware decoders embedded within the N perfectly decode H. The labeling is clear with good contrast, and can be read easily in normal lighting conditions.

Less demanding games can however be played smoothly with the native WXGA resolution, and are displayed considerably well. The tested model is equipped with a 6-cell battery; alternative variants with different weights, sizes, or battery lives are currently not listed.

ASUS Eee PC N Review

Particularly when running applications in parallel, with several open browser tabs, and playing music in the background, it does not wee to a apparent limitations. As the benchmark results already lead to assume, demanding 3D shooters with a high resolution and quality settings aren’t worth serious consideration.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. A backlit keyboard is not available.