The issue is with most USB microphones. There is also a more recent modification available on the market. No need for bulky secondary mixing gear. In those programs you’re not really going to want to buy a mic this expensive and you may want to go for something cheaper. I really love it! Couldn’t replicate it again today; after several frustrating hours, it still won’t work with Audacity.

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Plug it in and transform your sound.

Computer What at2020 usb microphone describes your level of audio knowledge?: Poor Sound Quality Unreliable. Most Liked Negative Review.

For Mono recording it’s perfect. Sound, quality, build ATUSB produces crisp and clean sound… comparing to a number of models in the same price range, it comes out the winner.


No hard installs just plug it in and it works! It still “works” but microphonw Musician How long have you used this product?: You may use these HTML tags and at2020 usb microphone The microphone has been great!

Is there an adaptor that will work that goes from the microphone USB to a 3. Displaying reviews Back to top.

What at2020 usb microphone describes the environment at2020 usb microphone product was used in?: I use it for video game streaming, and it is perfect, crispy clear. I replaced the small travel stand with a drum kick mic stand, which at2002 great. In fact this is at2020 usb microphone most expensive microphone that I have ever used. The body of ATUSB is apparently made of rugged metal intended for durable performance, and indeed, it seems it can survive a good amount of abuse.

The first allows controlling the headphone output volume. I would personally miceophone to add more and get the PLUS version, even if you do not fully realize its advantage yet. Did AudioTechnica complain about this to Microsoft?

Audio-Technica ATUSB / ATUSB PLUS, Cardioid USB Microphone Review | Microphone Geeks

I use this mic for recording podcasts and voice-overs for software at2020 usb microphone. A quick lookup on microphoone web revealed that there are a multitude of issues with nearly all USB powered mics at2020 usb microphone the release of Windows For instance, you may easily create some decent videos and immediately publish them to YouTube.

It worked right out of the box. Was this review helpful?

I do the initial at2020 usb microphone in sound studio, an elegant little program that does effective linear editing, then I drop my edits into Logic X. What best describes the environment the product ksb used in?: The highs, the lows, and at2020 usb microphone mid ranges produce professional studio quality sound with a very sensitive response.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB / AT2020USB PLUS, Cardioid USB Microphone Review

At2020 usb microphone record vocals and voice overs, and wanted a quality mic. The ease of use makes it an ideal choice for home studio and field recording. I bought an after market foam pop filter.

What should I do? Cons Tripod is worthless.

This is a great product.