Well, i must have done something wrong cause it’s still uses the 1Gb NIC. You should have started a new thread talking about your specific problem but I’ll just jump in with some advice FreeNAS and FreeBSD by default support a single default route, but in most cases this isn’t a serious problem as long as you remain aware of the limitations of your network topology. I already use this configuration, and it works fine. This is the sort of failure to understand that I am more or less tired of explaining to people. With regards to updating which does include the latest drivers for the underlying OS , which hardware issue are you referring to?

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How to configure 2 NICs | FreeNAS Community

What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. Joined Aug 16, Messages 9, Thanks 3, How do you know the installer froze?

You must log in or register to reply here. I have done neither.

Thread starter Poppymcshotgun Start date Jun 5, Last edited by a moderator: Joined Nov 6, Messages 5, Thanks You must log in or register to reply here. Further, this configuration can lead to all sorts of interesting problems with ARP. Have you made any progress on your above configuration?

Joined Oct 20, Messages 65 Thanks 2. Eli Singer Newbie Dec 6, I don’t want to speculate on how you did things but it isn’t automatic if you already had a NIC configured such as your internal NIC and later cnange the add-on card.

How to configure 2 NICs

TC1 Sep 6, Cancel their response to post 1. Respond to post 2 Copy the raw post with [quote] tags. Change network Interface order? Or should I simply unplug the second cable and be done with it?

So I decided to install a different Mobo I have. It shouldn’t be that complicated.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Where can I get the right P20 firmware?

Solving FreeNAS jails on a dedicated NIC

Both speeds are slower than rated for SSD because i’m at the limit for my Z1 pool. You must log in or register to chage here. Thanks for all the advice!

Remember, the console is still usable. I even tried a separate PCI-E gigabit adapter. Even if your preferred posting style were enshrined in some code of conduct or ISO standard its notyour obsessive harrassment to get people to use it only puts people off of freenaw forum. One port was connected with a 25′ cable labeled CAT5e that I scrounged from my boneyard. Joined May 28, Messages 8, Thanks 1, Forums New posts Search forums. I have Intel SSDs in all of my machines and my server changge all of my platter based media.

I searched the forums but found nothing addressing this.