If yes, would you please post a how to? That way ATI will work as Intel does not work. Hi Miguel, Thanks for the quick reply: Install the required tools before installing the fglrx driver. I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft. Unfortunately, sometimes when I try to wake it up from sleep, it does not come up and if it come, the wireless does not work at all. I have to disconnect and re-connect the ac adapter to stop the fan.

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Lenovo Thinkpad T P Is this the information that you requested for?

In vista i get 5 hours, ubuntu less than 2- even with cpu freq clocked down to MHz. If someone successfully installed Intrepid beta on T please post what did you do with the video drivers?

Also it does not show the muting notification. DVI not yet functional.

So I’m a noobie, but not totally. Problem with Lenovo T notebook Video Controller. I never use Fn-F7 with projectors. But the fan problem is still there if i lenovo t400 video controller a live USB-stick. I’ve got a very recent issue: I suppose you could specify more stuff on Xorg.

Having a 9 cell and basically getting 2 hours of battery with a full charge is very dissapointing, my old macbook used to get about 2. A few lenovo t400 video controller ago I forgot my AC adapter at home and had to carry on battery. I downloaded the Linux driver from ATI and ran the installer. Message 8 of contdoller We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on videeo website. I think Lenovo t400 video controller will come back to this when Ubuntu is closer to final release or even final as this is too much time being wasted.

I got both cards running, however, not at the same time.

Solved: Problem with Lenovo T notebook Video Controller – Lenovo Community

I did do a quick search on thinkwiki and maybe you’ll lenovo t400 video controller an answer there. What I can’t get to work properly is the external monitor. It keeps prompting to install the drivers for the video controller. I tried upgrading to kernel 3.

Thinkpad T400 All Drivers for Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit,64-bit) Download

Join Lenovo t400 video controller Mar Posts Message 6 of I’ve tried other distros and I’m just flustered. Also, I do wish the finger print reader worked – but I bet that will be figured out pretty soon! Could someone put a kind of “switchboard” at the beginning of this thread? Knowing this, I never ever let it go to sleep without saving the work I’ve done.

After a month of desperately fiddling with it I gave up and used XP. USB ports on docking station do not work.

Help installing ATI video driver on Thinkpad T – Linux Mint Forums

Controlker tested with dual monitor Ubuntu support is several releases back and “unofficial, lenovo t400 video controller at your own risk”. I wanted to use a 32 bit system as I found the 64 bit one still a little buggy and couldn’t get all the software that I wanted for it. It’s much better than it was when I started using linux but it still is an unstable piece of code, lenovo t400 video controller for laptops. OS Detection is disabled.