Instructions were very clear and easy to follow and we got excellent results quickly. These sellers claim “only used 3 times” but theres no way to verify that. When I got to scanning black and white and Kodachrome with Digital ICE turned off to output high-bit files, each scan was done very quickly. What impressed us especially was how easy it was to confuse a color negative conversion with a slide capture. It can only scan 24x36mm 35mm film. The LCD screen lights up for better visibility in low light situations. For various reasons, none of them satisfy me fully.

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The Minolta dimage 5400 scanner minolta dimage 5400 tiny size is not very impressive but the performance of this lens is almost unbelieveably good. Konica Minolta Dimage While less popular in the pro and minoltx photo market than Nikon, Konica Minolta makes its fair share of imaging products. Click on a crop image to open a new window with a minlota full size image.

With the Scan Elite for 35mm Minolta got it nearly right in that price segment. Unfortunately, the software is really disappointing. The advantage, for a reviewer, is being able to focus on the hardware.

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Glass mounted slides can’t be used in the slide holder. When I went to Minolta in my own country Netherlands to show them my Scanhancer products they purchased all the different models I had at the time and sent them to Japan. It has light scratch on the apperance. White LED Power requirements: Or up the IR exposure near the outer edges not the center by modifying the light housing, which’d also help RGB light falloff near the edges.

Konica Minolta Flatbed Minolta dimage 5400. I cant see paying for that machine used, I dont minolta dimage 5400 it cost that new.

Minolta 5400

Digital ROC for color restoration, using advanced dye signature analysis minolta dimage 5400 identify and restore faded dimagf on older film and slide images. The stand helped keep that narrower, longer unit upright.

I have the version II and love it. If you make a lot of exposure and dimabe corrections to the image, you may wait up to 4 minutes for a scan of a similar size. I first bought version I and then a version Minolta dimage 5400.

Most of the cull images I began my testing with did not require such large color minolta dimage 5400 for the most part minoltz issues with them had to do with overexposure and underexposure and “unfortunate” lighting. Scanner information on the Konica Minolta site: Observations From The Processing And Final Image Results Because of its speed and efficiency, I was able to get a minolta dimage 5400 of high-resolution scans done in a short time.

However, with very grainy black and white or the high-speed, grainy Kodachromeit is less effective. You jinolta high quality scanning for 35mm film frames in this Dimage scan elite. I’ve only used the version one. So my advice would be if you need the best in a dedicated 35mm film scanner, this new Konica Minolta offering is as good as it gets, at least dimzge a minolta dimage 5400.

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We recently moved and downsized, so we need to sell some stuff. Appearance of the item Body has tiny scratches.

The edge crops show the biggest difference. Scanning the Ektachrome to a bit raw minolta dimage 5400 and color minolta dimage 5400 in SilverFast HDR allowed restoring the contrast and full dlmage of densities after removing a blue cast.

This may make for some grain noise, however, particularly with older Ektachrome-type films, as I’ve noticed that dye deterioration from age seems to affect shadow densities most of all.

While you can go all the way up to 16X, we found the best balance of improvement vs.

minolta dimage 5400 Also included is a USB cable, the AC adapter for power and a reset tool so you won’t have to unbend a paper clip to close the scanner door. Recommended RAM minolta dimage 5400 vary depending on which minolha are used. How sharp is the Minolta scanner lens compared to a Macro Lens? About this product Product Information The Konica Minolta easily scans negatives, positives, color, and monochrome pictures. Paper mounts can be between