Capable of generating multiple valid account – using financial standard format! This will prevent errors made during encoding. The ability to read and save multiple cards. It runs under Windows operating systems: Enhanced polling functions and error checking. Able to poll data from a single track. Set Auto Power Off.

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Msr505 polling functions and error msr505. The New Save to Database function allows you to msr505 the records before saving and eliminates duplicate records. No more loss msr505 data, when there is a corrupted record in the reader memory.

Capable of generating multiple valid msr55 – using financial standard format! Please call or email us for additional information on this feature!

Print a simple listing or detailed report. Msr505 Poll Msr505 function captures the data from the reader and displays it as is or in a tabular format.

You can also use wild cards msr505 searching by a name or account. El departamento de ventas esta disponible para ayudarle msr505 Espan ol! Sort by AccountRecord Date or Prefix. The Wipe Card Data function was changed to allow msr505 to erase multiple cards. Custom Tracks – able to to add alphanumeric characters on all Tracks. msr505

Hico Magnetic Card Reader MSR606 Compatible with MSR206/MSR606/MSR505

This will prevent errors made during encoding. Now you msr505 view, create, update, and print the card msr505 at any time without requiring an encoder to be connected and initialized. KB all tracks Keyboard Msr505. In general the following features were added: RS all tracks Serial Reader.

When the application first starts, the encoder msr505 setting is displayed in the status bar msr505 the main window. Able to poll data from a single track. Include or exclude Expired accounts. The msr505 can select which track data should be transferred from the reader and it also allows for the enabling or disabling of the start and end sentinel. Several programming commands were msr505 for various reader types: Based on a certain criteria you will be able to check the msr505 of an account and to determine what the next account should be.

Please contact your sales rep! The Abort command was added to several encoder types.

msr505 It also saves the data msr505 a text file or database. The ability to read and write a Non-ISO standard card data.

New options were added to the Incremental Encoding function. The Msr505 Type Setup function is added to allow the user to define a card template. It will also ensure msr505 all the required msr505 are included. Set Auto Power Off.

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It runs under Msr505 operating msr505 The ability to read and save multiple cards. In addition to the existing card data search, the user can now search by Issue Msr505 and Record Date. The following fields were added to the card data: